Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Zealand flavor

I'm working on new textile designs for Hemptech and myself, at the moment I'm trying out different combinations with red deer, wine and gumtrees (there are surprisingly many red deer farms here, I guess the taste of Venison goes beautifully with all the local wines...). The design below of the Suffolk sheep I finished recently. It makes sense somehow, the softness and squishy-ness of both sheep and muffins. (I'm not advocating you should eat them both mind you, and certainly not together - I tend to eat more banana cupcakes than roasted lamb personally.)

I get new ideas all the time, and I try to stay with the New Zealand green theme as much as I can. I really enjoy it, and it's hard for me to not draw groovy beasties. What can I say, I'm a softie and everywhere you go in New Zealand, trust me you will,  most definitely, come across sheep. They have fun too those woolly critters, as you can see. Giddy up Fred!

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