Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today is a day of kind, sweet and decent people. They come and see me, they email me, they facebook post me, they tweet, and they text. (Funny enough they haven't phoned.) I, in turn, send messages to these wonderful beings bless them. 

All these happy folk have in common that they are genuine, love to be genuine and want to have friends who are equally 'genuine'. How straightforward is that? I'm loving it. So I proclaim today to be Genuine Day from henceforth just for the sake of it. 

While we are on the subject, there is a New Zealand organisation called "Forest and Bird". They protect wildlife and are currently on a mission to prevent chunks of precious native land to be turned into mining harvesting dead lands. I wholeheartedly support their initiative and have designed 3 T-Shirts for them that can support their cause. (see below)

"The 7000 hectares at immediate threat have all received 'schedule 4' protection from mining because of their special features – the plants and animals, the habitats and their special landscapes. Forest & Bird wants to see the ongoing protection of these special areas.
Mining in any of these presently protected areas will further imperil our threatened species, destroy important habitat and leave us with contaminated waterways, scarred landscapes, erosion problems and  - in the worse case scenario - an almighty clean-up bill from 'orphaned mines'.
Moreover, it will severely tarnish our 'clean, green' image.Mining inevitably damages or destroys habitat, and the native plants, birds, bats, insects and frogs they contain."
Always groovy to support a green campaign, empowering "genuine" goals and people. If all of us think other people will do the good work for us, then it doesn't happen. Get out there and help others who need a hand. What free time have you given to someone recently just to make them grow?

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