Thursday, July 22, 2010

special lingo

Lately I have been hanging out with some very inspiring and fun peeps both online and off. What I noticed is that with everyone I meet, there are particular elements in their speaking I pick up on; the idiosyncrasy, the use of particular words that seem to pop up regularly, use of proper syntax or not, and I'm not even mentioning whether this is accompanied by waving hands in the air to support said communication. Let's face it: people are very intriguing and entertaining! (Who needs tv - really.)

Basically I have decided that if in the communication I cannot find a personal flair; that I'm either speaking to a very boring or timid person, or that I must be missing something! I find bonding is done greatly through correlated ways with words, and the whole experience starts to mirror. We are literally bouncing off each other. It can be quite fascinating. Once you think about it is like reading a different magazine or book every time I talk to people.

We connect with others through more then just the verbal language. The whole combination of incorporating body language, visuals and sound makes it interesting and so much fun. We are more then the sum of parts, and more then just the words. At the end of the day: everyone is worth a read. (You might be surprised what pages you may come across.)

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