Friday, July 16, 2010

speed of life

I'm SO enjoying reading positive things people are doing, whether it's a new start up, a transition with work, a change altogether or moving house. Truth be told the last 6 weeks if not more have been very very changeable. Many things have happened in my world and my whizz brain is still filtering some of it, I have started new endeavors with people and I'm generally much looking forward to what will happen next! A whirlwind of activity. It gets me excited! And more excited!

At the same token I received an email last night which got me thinking about the following. How would YOU respond if you had a dream, vision, startup, goal, ambition which has taken off and this would happen for example:
  • some of your friends are getting a bit funny with you as they see you grow and find it hard to accept that fact as they seem to be stuck?
  • your partner or family is not fully supporting your ambition and keeps coming up with "sensible" reasons to ward you off track and keep you where you were?
  • your current employment has lost all its fizzle and you are actually rather be considering ANY other job then this before you can do what you love 24/7?
My point is that being hampered by people trying to put brakes on your speed of life is not only a turn off, it's silly. If a tsunami is coming little difference will be made with a wall built at the bottom of the hill. That water is coming one way or the other. Realize why those attempts at wall building are being made and recognize it for what it is: it's not your wall so press on regardless. You can be respectful in the process. Do ponder things to ensure you are not just being stubborn and above all else: don't get rude, play it nice. Or my credo: "be wise and shut up".

The aforementioned attempts at roadblocking are more likely to only make one more determined to succeed as it confirms our desire to get there. Now, I'm a big fan of pursuing and I'm less a fan of paperwork and finances. Or so I thought, which means I put my own roadblock in there for years. Once I decided to change that it's actually become more interesting and inspiring. How funny is that!
The trick is to be:
  1. clear on your goals, have a time-frame and deadlines
  2. have your finances in clean order (a good accountant helps too)
  3. have a business plan (I'm working on one for Bonvivant now)
  4. get a new support team if the current one is faltering should you need it
  5. stick to your guns if you know in every fibre that you need to do this
  6. start a mastermind group to help others too
  7. get a life and enjoy something else that isn't work or your passion-passion > energy
  8. remember to stay in touch with people who you love
So what are you working on right now?

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