Tuesday, July 6, 2010


From time to time we get entangled. In something, in someone. It happens so life can provide us with experience, which is the only thing that really teaches us.
In whatever scenario there are ALWAYS 3 options:

  1. We go forward (thus getting further entangled)
  2. We go back (possibly kicking but freeing ourselves)
  3. We stay in the same spot.
Naturally there are circumstances where we wish to get entangled -you know the very kind I'm referring to. Then there's that situation in which we find ourselves because we were not paying enough attention. Oops. And then there are those instances we just never want to find ourselves and when we do it's something that can take years to repair.

(In my highland calf's case, he was freed after Nico had to do some chasing after him today, as the boy had literally got all tangled up in white break-fencing power wire plus some poles which he was dragging behind him across the paddock. Every moo there was observing him with some distaste and very round eyes. Lucky for him the power was never connected to said wire so all it did was hurt his pride. To his credit I am now doing a post in his fuzzy-socks honor.)

Basically what we can draw from any entanglement/involvement/attachment is this: you will always draw people to you for different reasons, and things happen. The wise and most important thing to do is:
  • to know exactly what you are about as a person
  • to know what your personal goals are or what the business focus is
  • to know that you are the only one who can change your circumstance
  • to stick to that which is right for you no matter what they say
  • that you are the only one who can apply the above a,b or c
What I have learned is that whatever is said or whispered, or whatever they want you to see, that it is essential to draw your own conclusions and opinion. Don't give the power over your life or business away, you don't have to. Who said so? 

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