Monday, June 15, 2009

The Fond

Do you have a favorite brand, friend or -wink wink- lover? You CANNOT go without the shoes, the coffee, that special friend, those rendez-vous, your partner? They ‘make’ your day? Having our fetishes, our hobbies, our play mates, our satisfaction from an experience, why would we let go of it. Why would ‘it’ let go of us?

Being fond of those shoes, Trelise Cooper wear or mochachinos is a good thing and can be innocent and simply enjoyable. Being fond of something or someone is great, as long as it doesn’t become an addiction or an obsession as that puts you in the Freud department. So how fond is your fondness? How easy are you to get fond of? How excited are you to fond? Let go of insecure limitations and extend the hand to both chocolate and friend. Both in moderation (the first because of the calories, the second because you require your own space as well, and the friend needs some time off now and again ok.)

To sum it up:

The fondness is round
Like water rippling outwards
Every day it rises and sets only with sleep
We cherish the inner softness at heart
We love to Fond.
Especially each other.

(Not to confuse with Fondle as this is another matter, even though both may incorporate the Fond.)
Go out ye sailors and raise the flag of Fondness. It’s needed out there in these days stormy waters. Let it shine like a beacon.

(Above poette was inspired by the writing of Michael Leunig, Australian author and writer of the travels of Vasco Pyjama, one of my favorites.)

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