Friday, June 5, 2009

Hunger for growth

Aren’t we funny. We strive, we work, we have this hunger for growth, for development, for excitement, for joy. The experience, amigo, is everything.

Right. Groovy. But. Why?
Well, if we don’t we get stuck, we get bored, we get unsettled, we get stunted, we forget why we do what we do, we wonder about our purpose, about our value, the getting out of bed thing could become very challenging. Better to have enjoyment and satisfaction, it’s more fun really. How hard do we work at it though?

The need for expansion can be questionable or a battle. For growth and expansion there has to be space to expand into, but also a NEED for it in the first place. This is where it gets interesting. Who decides there’s a need for ANYTHING? We do, other people do. The market does, the ‘out there’. The feedbackus magnificus. There has to be a thing called demand, if you want it to be fulfilling. So, the thing to do:

Whack on the head to make sure there’s 200% motivation aka reality check
Plan-plan-plan again
Get results supporting the growth
Continue to build

Most of all the hunger for growth is about self experiencing and development. It’s in the fun, the learning, the whole 9 yards. Sometimes it can be wise to pull the plug on something we have done for a while and call it a day. That too, can be part of a growing experience, be it in a different way than expected. I guess the only thing that matters is:
Do you know what you want and why? That in itself can take years to work out.

My feeling is that it’s better to do something and explore a new subject then to sit on our hands and save ourselves from learning opportunities. They say it’s better to have loved and lost then to not have loved at all. I think the same applies to business or work choices. It’s better to have tried and learned, then not to have done a damn thing. Reading my own words again is amusing as I have written this post above many months ago. It is more apt today then it probably was earlier on. It can be challenging to work out what to do when. The timing is both crucial and natural. It's essential to work hard but also to be wise and decide to be patient to let things unfold. Ideally we should be looking back thinking: good thing it all happened the way it did because the whole process was perfect from start to finish. That way there are no regrets or red faces. Even creating duds from time to time can be helpful to explore our potential.
A toast to dashing attempts I say and here here to those that boldly continue on when the outcome is uncertain, but the vision is clear. Oh, and just do some homework, that sorta helps.

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