Friday, June 12, 2009

Into the wild

What's one of the best things? Releasing one's creation! I'm hoping for some sunny weather in the weekend to do some photoshooting of my finished pieces. I'll show you next week with any luck! The DesignEx tradefair is looming and I want to lug a portfolio around with my new jewellery. And it's crispy kinky groovy alright. I'm very excited. The feedback so far has been extremely positive. I'm running it past strangers, friends and people 'in the industry'. The idea is to do some trial runs (done 2 now) and see how they're received. I intend to change my website and make it an online store. All in good time of course. Aside the woman accesories I'm thinking of expanding in other areas too. I have to start somewhere! Goodie goodie.

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