Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting un-bored

Ever have that moment of boredom where you’ve been down the same path too often? A solution: do something that makes you happy and which makes you feel you’re contributing to the world.

It could be, to:
1. Write a blog
2. Volunteer
3. Help a friend
4. Look after a pet
5. Change the status quo
6. Make a decision instead of procrastinating
7. Build a snowman
8. Go on a trip
9. Clean and tidy up: organized inside and out
10. Exercise (feel good and act good)

Now yesterday, I made a snowman with Nico. My husband and I were unable to travel safely down the road to work as we were inundated with over 120mm of snow. We built a snowman instead.
Today we did make it to work through snow and slush. I’m doing number 6 and 9 today. I did number 10 earlier this morning when I fed the highland cattle, the goats and the dog. Right now I’m finishing number 1. Next weekend I’m going to do number 8 and coming weekend I’m hoping to carry out number 5.

Point being: it makes more sense to me to work with what I’m given opposed to being frustrated by what I have come across. It has been quite a few things which detracts from my normally sunny me. No, I don't think it's the fact it's winter over here. Aside the points above I ask myself the question which always helps, but which I forget to ask myself all too often:

What if this is all ok?

(I refer to Susan Jeffers’ website as she’s very good with this sort of thing.)

Get un-stuck. Get going before you get un-glued, un-clued or catch the glummy glumness. Have some coffee or hot chocolate with it while you develop new ways.

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