Friday, July 10, 2009

design bug

Okay, there's things like bugs, the flu, the virusses and the tamiflu. I've got the design bug! It's those persistent ideas that keep cropping up, too much energy accompanied by a stupid heehee grin on my face. What to do, what to do, well enjoy it I guess!

I have found little time so far to work on my Bonvivant website, but at least there's a new landing page and some jewellery to view and I'm still working on the accesory and fabric design parts. One step at a time, etc etc. Above design for a cushion I twiddled between doing other things. I mean, I have to be practical with the time I have available. It needs a bit of tweaking but the idea is good.

New Zealanders have different make up, different ethnicity, history of roots. This gives a lot of other ideas too. Will work on it.

In the meantime: it's weekend! (Nearly) woohoo. Doo da doo da.

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