Monday, July 27, 2009


Today the theme is cows people. Above is a design I did, made out of 6 mm thich whiteboard. Moooooh!

And that's one of the cushions released of my 'cows and couches' design .... there's a new release in the pipeline featuring a New Zealand native bird so I will keep you posted. If you're a retailer and keen to stock it order fabric here and if you like to get the cushion yourself you can order them from your local interior store. I have discussed designing something for a lady who owns a fashion boutique in town so will see how that goes. I'm keen to do a lot more fabric designing and have met some wonderful people recently. My work continues to be quite busy so will see how it all pans out. I'm trying to streamline more activities as things can get a little hectic owning a lifestyle block, working fulltime in a furniture/interior store and also trying to get my necklaces and fabric designs off the ground. The good news is: the weather has been fabulous for winter in the last few days so everything feels more like spring!

We had a wonderful weekend hanging out with the animals. (Pictured above is Cutie one of our half breed highland girls.) Poor Kuddles the 4 month old wee mancalf got castrated by us. (To clarify: that doesn't happen with nasty cuts and blood gushing everywhere, it means getting a steel scissors like tool and using that to put a rubber ring around his bits. It's still not very pleasant but beats the old fashioned way by a 1000 miles.)

So onwards and upwards! And not to worry, whatever happens, I'm not going to use transport means a la above in future.... I know it's hila but I'd rather ride a quadbike.
So have a great week and enjoy. Moooooooh.....

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  1. moooooo, and knorrrrr, wooooooffff, cockericooo, mojje, en beeeeehhhh !!!!!