Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm excited like a baby babboon letting loose in the thick jungle. Woohoo. (Ok, maybe I should use a different animal here but what the heck.) I'm working on new designs for the Design stores as I noticed that my kiwiana related designs would do really well there, and keep the women fashion styles I've already developed for gift and home decor stores. There's tons to do, revamping my bonvivant website, making more designs and also making them by using different materials. Then I had ideas for Hemptech about cushions and other home decor products so basically the brain has been popping like an overexcited popcorn machine. You get the idea.

Two stores in Auckland have expressed interest in stocking my products so I better get my bootie on. This leads me to Seth Godin's blog of the day. Growth is not done safely nor neccesarily logically. My husband is wondering whether I can make a fortune by investing modestly and starting with virtually zip but I know I will have to allow for some experimenting and investing otherwise the set up will be a half hearted attempt with little results. So all out baby, but using the realistic ballbreaking caution guide.

" It's easy to to adopt the policy of avoiding risk at all costs, that whenever possible, the products you launch or the engagements you have should be flawless and without downside. Here's the problem: in most endeavors, a small increase in risk can double the reward. It's the second doubling of reward that brings serious risk with it. But the first leap is relatively painless."
Seth Godin
I'm in the first stages so this would be the relative easy part and I'm aware of that. It's the continuing beyond the first orders that will be crucial. I'm dedicated to keep this process going and share my whimsical uniqueness with the world. I do want the quality to be way up there so have to raise the bar again. It will be hard work, but gee whizz I'm not going to sit on my hands on this one. Stand clear... prepare for take off.

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