Friday, April 23, 2010

goats and lighting

As I am a goat herderess (and proud of it) on this design/ lifestyle blog there are bound to show up some goat related items now and again. To show you that these are of course cool as heck and by no means cheesy (pardon the chevre pun) I would like to showcase the custom made lighting made by Yellow Goat Design, a business located south of Brisbane, in Australia. Surprisingly they are a family business.

They say: Our business is lighting – we excel in the design and construction of lighting for casinos, clubs, hotels, resorts, apartments, shopping centres and homes.
This family business was born 10 years ago when I designed and built a small table lamp for my artist’s studio – I paint and sculpt. From that simple beginning we have grown to create some of the most beautiful and unusual pieces in the world. 

We have a data base of over 5000 architects and designers around the world to whom we email a monthly new design bulletin. This features up to 6 of our latest creations and has become a very popular and widely anticipated pictorial. Why not sign up – It costs nothing and never fails to excite.

And yes... exciting they sure do.

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