Friday, April 16, 2010

beating your drum (rehashed)

After having written this post I decided to rewrite it. Beating our own drum is not so much about being stubborn and not listening about what others opinions are of you, but more about refusing to accept any judgement on it and simply enjoy what you are doing. According to Joi - a lovely, professional and unique web designer with a talent for the quirky (and she is also a dear tweet friend) - did a great post on April 11 about whether to celebrate her introvertism or damn it to the stars when attending a social media conference. I thought it was great.

The weird part is that if we are not carefull we might actually care more about other opinions then our own. It's a common malpractise.

There's a lot to be said for originality, and also for continuing to beat your own drum in a positive way without annoying the crap out of others. As a matter of fact it can be quite useful to make that music but not tell too many people about it. You don't always need to. Just enjoy doing 'your own thing' whatever this may be.

And it always boils down to our attitude that determines which people we attract by the mere reactions we offer the world. I'm paying more attention to how how I feel and what I do as it seems to literally influence who I meet. Giving others power over our own assessment and gut instinct leads to self doubt. The only one who knows best what to do and how to choose is you and also how to be you. Stick with it.

(with thanks to Joi for her kick ass illustrations.)

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