Friday, April 30, 2010

I love my mum

Do we REALLY need to only express our affection for her on Mother's day? I hope that not only this weekend you are remembering that you have a mum; the lovely woman who had morning sickness because of you for months, changed your diapers for years, held your hand and made sure you wore your mittens in winter and rubbed sun lotion over you in summer. That is what mums do, they look out for you. They keep loving you, even when you're a pain in the proverbial, do well or do badly and continue to be happy to see you. It's a miracle.

I love my mum. Not because she is just my mum, but because she always means so well. She is like a sunny chatty teddybear, warm hearted to the core. She is an original, like of course all loving and talented mums are. My mum Marion writes poetry, managed to start her own publishing firm and is extremely happy to meet other writers and quirky people in general. She travels the country to read from her work, talk about poetry work with others and has been in the media. She is a superb net worker. Mum's can truly be an inspiration and mine always is. And she loves flowers.

Mum you're the writer, I'm just the visual nut. Today I send you a wee drawing I did for you. You remember all the ones I did for you over the years, the ones you would stick on the fridge when I was a kid. It's definitely time for another one :) You're the best mum I could have. *mwah!!* Happy mothers-day for Sunday.

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