Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I do experiments all the time and generally do not tell anyone. I find it helpful to see what one action does or what a particular attitude does, what results things have especially regarding the way we think and feel. The only way to find out is by trial and error. (Don't worry I only experiment using myself and no I'm not a mad bunny, my parents had me tested.)

Being sick and getting better is a 'good' experience. Not only is having the flu again been educational for me last week, it was also experimental, in the sense that realizing my ability to swing back to allowing 'wellness' in to my system made me discover that our mind has tremendous power in creating wellness. It's no mumbo jumbo. We can literally make ourselves better or we can literally make ourselves sick. The difference is awareness and conscious choice. Often the reason why we get sick is because we are not aware of how much effect our 'thinking-feeling' ability has on our body. (I like this particular video on how we get sick - or better: here)

One film maker had a very deep felt experience after he'd fallen of his mountain bike and got very very sick. Things went so incredibly downhill that they couldn't go down any further except to die. Tom Shadyac found then that he wanted to live. He slowly recovered and got so well again that he could take a crew of 4 and venture out in to the world to ask the question: "what is wrong with the world, and what can we do about it"? He asked physicists,  philosophers, artists, even Archbishop Tutu. 

The result is the inspiring non fiction film documentary " I AM " now released.

During the making of this documentary, which is quite different then his previous works when filming with Jim Carrey, he discovered not only how many things are right with the world, but how deeply and literally we are all interconnected. There is actual science there too to show how we are interconnecting. It seems the better we understand this and come to grips with it, the more we will thrive and ultimately "feel better". 

I am definitely going to see this movie. How about you?

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