Friday, March 18, 2011

the weight

For Annie
(in Christchurch)

When the days darken
And you think life grows short
and all seems to hard too carry.
Just breathe.


It's the simple things that count.
Let go of worry and fear as they are
the distracters.
Not the love that already was.
And the light that still shines in you.

Carry not other's burdens
As this way you darken yourself needlessly.
Because you are not alone and neither are they
and help is always there when you want it.
Even if they are un-well. 
Even when things lie broken at your feet.

Picture yourself in a good place
As well as your others.
You will build it all
when you can see it again.
And you can carry yourself - always.

Gently breathe.


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