Saturday, March 5, 2011


Light is not just particles or a beam
It is that which lives and breathes
It is all around
Because it is everything.
So it is in you.

Even when something is so small, like a speck,
it still matters as it vibrates into being.
All those amassed beings mold together.
And sing. And also resonate.

It is a most wondrous thing. Can you see it?
The more you discover
the more you appreciate
The more you understand
The more you live "through" it.

It means being an angel.
To be part of ''that'' and to also let it just be... "that".

Worlds move, change, shine,
occasionally collide.
It's all moving.
It's all alive.
It's all light.
So we are all literally the same thing,
as we're made of the same essentials,
whether we're big or small.

Now do you understand?

It's all beautiful.
And we're all part of the same party.


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