Thursday, April 16, 2009

and we're back!

Life is interesting. Bounds and leaps, turns and twists. Always suprises.

Yes I have decided to come back in English mode. Why? I write better in English now then Dutch (though always with a Dutch accent and grammar problems). The truth is I got blog sick. Readers then started to miss me and expressed their outrage that I would write in Dutch, a language they can't make heads or 'tales' of. The thing is that I had topic challenges which now have been dealt with, signed and approved so to speak. Filed away for future reference. Yessiree I'm back in business and enjoying it. It's nice to be in the writers seat again. I will post every few days for your enjoyment and my own.

Life is good. Smell the sweet roses. Cuddle the Kuddles (new born highland calf, a boy, pics will follow) and enjoy some sun. It's not winter here yet, this morning we woke up to 18 degrees and started work at 24 degrees. And that for autumn.

Like I said, it's a time of pleasant surprises. Long may it last.

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