Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what matters

I was going to read up one of my blogs I have in the holdingchamber and post that. Thing is that some are written in a way I find no longer appropriate, they are either too harsh, too true, or just too much. (I guess a bit like I was feeling for a while.) Gee I must have mellowed a wee bit. (My husband would probably roll over laughing right now, hush dear, hush. Thanks. Let the curly one finish ok?)

I found this morning that the truth can lie in... a smoothie. Don't ask me why but I have got hooked on a product called Charlie's Honest Superfood Smoothie: spirulina&fruit. Beautiful green stuff. Healthy, smooth as silk and tons of vit C to keep my energy levels up. I love the taste of it, it's wonderful. I love the label too, it's that supposedly artistic free style thing they stuck on it. Right now I'm looking at 1 litre of it. Oozing vitamine charm. Sigh.

Right, getting to the point: now and again we all get to a stage that we wonder what it's all about. Since last October I had bouts of feeling angry or frustrated on a regular basis. It's not a lovely place to be in and I chose to visit this place out of free will. (Taking responsibility and all that.) Then I must have decided I had enough and changed tack because I'm again the more bubbly freewheeler I was before. I like me again, lot easier to get on with. It comes down to thinking: what IS it all about. Why do things matter? Why do they not? In the end of the day I'm not entirely sure but most things make sense again, in a world that's gone topsy turvy and as long as my inner compass is aligned with my life, I'm at ease.

So! I have started some new entreprises which I believe will be very fruitfull. One of them is designing accesories and seeing my fabric designs being printed and distributed all over Australasia. That is a feather in the curly cap if there ever was one. There's also other things humming in the background which I'll leave there simmering away, working on them quietly. The time of believing everything will stay the same has perished a long time ago. Change is the only certainty. We might as well have a good laugh, soak up that 25 degrees sun we are curently having and chill out by working purposefully and to focus on that which one can have influence on, not on what one cannot.

So here's too many smoothies to come and brilliant ideas. Long may they last as the warm summers of the new Dunedin and the bounciness of our new born calfs. It's springtime this autumn.

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  1. hey! we're getting mild, as`the weather ....
    I very much like this one!