Friday, April 3, 2009

Go for it

Today I felt inspired by an article from the local newspaper, the Otago Daily Times:

"A dairy cow in Kansas was headed for the slaughterhouse until an animal-rights activist bought her after the Brown Jersey made a run for it.
Farmer Calvin Nisly was taking the 5-year-old cow named Linda to a sale barn on Tuesday and had stopped at a veterinarian's office to be sure she wasn't pregnant. On the way back to the trailer, an annoyed Linda escaped through a fence and led Nisly and several law enforcement vehicles on a chase. Soon after the cow was captured, Hutchinson resident and animal-rights activist Danny Brizendine stepped into the bizarre scene and learned that Linda was headed for slaughter. Brizendine agreed to buy her for $700, and paid $300 to pasture and feed her for the rest of the year. "

I mean, it always pays to get into action! Appreciate life and make it worth living. I think Linda would agree with me on this one. Mooooooh. Yeeeeehaaaaaa.

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