Monday, April 20, 2009

Design: what to choose

Good design is everything. I'm not saying you shouldn't go to Ikea (well we do not have that one here in New Zealand anyway) but truly: you can actually tell the difference between a quality piece and an off the shelf one. If you can sit in it you can definitely tell which is which. Cheaper versions don't have that good lumbar support so you end up getting sore backs after an hour or so and the frame construction isn't that flash. Why would you talk yourself into believing it's ok to except average stuff just to pay less? Naturally it's your choice what you buy, but why go cheap? It might be a good idea to buy quality, and just save up to splurge.

You guessed it: I'm a wee bit snobby when it comes to furniture and interiors. I'm a big fan of New Zealand made, where ever you are based dear reader, consider the impact you're making on your local artists, designers, businesses and community if you buy import stuff and leave them out of the loop. If you're buying from overseas, it'd better be good, and you'd better have a reason. I suggest strongly to consider your options and to stay away from cheap crappy product for the reasons stated above: it doesn't last long, it's not quality and your body will notice the difference. Besides: what's more enjoyable in the home then wondrous art?

A true example of orgininality, quality and great design, are the works of New Zealander David Trubridge. The man's work has become iconic over here. Check it out at Europeans can buy it from Le Souk in the Netherlands and New Zealanders can find local stockists (listed on Davids website). Nico and I will get one of his lights, the question is which as we're still mucking around with our interiors and deciding where the dining is going to end up etc. (We are focussing on the landscaping this year which is an outside adventure.)

Above all: enjoy the space you live in and the people around you. Good food, good company, good rest and comfort help to lead an uplifting life. Well that and to enjoy the company of lovely animals as well. They add greatly to the mix and wonder of life. They don't get designer chairs though but lovely grass and hooves clipped every few months and cuddles. Probably that's more important then design! Basics first, snazzy stuff later.

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  1. hey! interesting piece, this column, David
    bridges the way to truth......
    I enjoyed reading.