Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nutshell marketing: value

The funny thing is that basically marketing is simple but it gets complicated in HOW you go about things.

Many people ask ‘Why are we not selling (enough)?’
1. Because people don’t need your product/services
2. Because they don’t have the money for it (which means they do not want it badly enough)
3. They don’t believe in your product/services
Well that’s very understandable right?

What value actually means is:
Establishing the desire point and building trust to successfully satisfy. True value is: I will get you what you want like no one else can. Value funny enough doesn’t equal service. Consider your social proof and your pricing into the equation as well. What are people getting from you and what is it 'worth' to them? Value is more emotionally based. It's in the opinion.

There’s 2 types of desired clients:
The passionate-about-a-product ones (your ambassadors to be)
The sitting on the fence ones (they like it but don’t go in head first)

To succeed you have to find the primary driver emotion of your client. Why does he really really want it? The essential thing is to go in conversation with him: use empathy + validation to make your credibility shoot up. ("We know what we are talking about here") Demonstrate the value of your product to get the sale. This sounds cut and dry and in reality it's a flowing event. Make sure there's a start and finish, be clear, answer all questions and objections.

Value is defined by what other people say. According to marketing guru Frank Kern you CAN manufacture reality. The client then HAS to believe you. Therefore you HAVE to build trust. Makes sense really, but good to think about more.

How do you get that? By:
Using authority: claim it yourself + appointed (reputation) + testimonials
a. Affinity: being just like them> confide in them
b. Represent desired outcome
c. Fun (why would you ever buy from someone who didn't make you laugh?)

I saw a video of Frank Kern, a marketing guru from the US, which mentions the above. His vital point is that you NEED to appropriately confide in your client. Share about yourself which makes them connect with you. Telling a story is a very good way to do this. The connection builds the trust and the credibility supports what value you are giving. Many of us do this intuitively but it’s nice to have it pointed out, especially in these interesting times. It’s amazing what a change one can experience with clients, or people on the street for that matter, when you find common ground. Listening is also a bright idea as many of us talk too much. (Including me.) Happy marketing!

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  1. both standing in the same flow....
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