Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quit or be exceptional

Let’s face it; it’s hard to be exceptional. It means blood sweat and tears with no easy way to get there. Still, if the goal is worth the effort and you actually enjoy learning all this crazy stuff while in transit, it’s worthwhile. Most people quit before they get to the stage of becoming very very good at what they do. They choose the easy route and the results are mediocre. The artworks sold on Trademe are a very good example. 95% of what’s shown there is absolute high school level or less. I find it hard to find anything exquisite there but to be honest; it’s Trademe after all so it’s not the best place to look for exceptional art. You can find amazing art works in galleries and alas I do not have the chance of frequenting these often like I used to. I would like to visit them again. I love the Art Gallery here in Dunedin.

Quitting is not easy either because it can be embarrassing to admit you are never going to be number 1 in your field. I have thought about this. Do I want to become the best interior designer of Dunedin or just ‘the other one’? (Wink wink) What do I want to do really? Which leads to: what the heck is it all about? What do I want to learn here? I don’t like mediocre work and I least of all I like seeing me do mediocre work. It gives me the jitters, a rash or something I can certainly do without. I figured out that definitely I’m more the designer type. I like inventing and designing things, whether it’s graphic design, product design, a combination of those or interior styling. After having a go at all sorts of different areas I’m sure it will link together more and more.

Getting back to being exceptional or quitting:
When do you know it’s best to a. quit, b. continue and c. keep hoping for the best.

a. When you’ve done your research and you have found it’s a waste of energy and money. You thought it would work but the facts show it will not.
b. When you know you will get through the hurdles and that it’s worth wile sticking with it because the money and energy will be there on the other side. Exclusivity creates value. The business plan shows that yes it would be prudent to continue.
c. Is honestly for the naïve. Do your homework and grow up. Just being an optimist isn’t going to cut it (this I’ve said to myself last year, lose the baby curls and chewed some paperwork.)
Well that sorts the boys from the men. I’ve thought about it consciously and decided: exceptional work is great. I rather do challenging kick ass stuff or not any at all. I can be a bit black and white like that, something hubby has made comments about. I’m not the steady plodder, that’s never been my forte. However it’s humbling to know that it’s good for one’s character to ‘stick with it’ sometimes.
This philosophy mentioned above is influenced by reading The Dip, by Seth Godin. He’s brilliant that man. I dotted down a wee summary on a section of it. Know when to quit, and when to stick. And believe me, one of them can be as difficult as the other. Life’s little irony.

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  1. oh-oh,
    and what does your soul say to you ?
    deep down something has`to be satisfied and in rest...
    just that not-to-name-zest pushes to decisions
    about staying or leaving...
    be true...

    very well written!I am happy with it!