Friday, May 29, 2009

Write about what you know?

Should I? If I did that all the time then there would come a time when I was finished writing. I think I’ll take my chances and sometimes deliberately write about a topic I know bugger all about. It takes me on a journey outside the square. Then again I can be surprised starting off penning down a story I eventually realize I know at least something, or quite a lot, about.

We peoples like stories. We love them, we cherish them. Why? We like to be:
Entertained, so we can laugh
Have our place in the world affirmed
To forget our current situation
To relate to the story and therefore to learn
To feel safe and be comforted

There are different reasons. Why do you think browsing on the internet is so popular nowadays? Distraction through entertainment. Which means: we have too much on our minds and like to fly away somewhere else or be on a holiday. We work ourselves to the bone, worry about spouse, kids or family, work and so on. Which gave me another idea: maybe I should start up a company where we can paint big canvasses using our hands and feet opposed to brushes, throw pancakes at each other and have a legit reason to act like a child again. I think adults forget how to play and they tend to be so serious all the time. It’s quite boring really being so serious all the time. God knows I haven’t found the cure for adulthood except to behave like a nutty whenever the chance. Other than that I’m reasonably reasonable. Well within reason. Or not.

Getting back to the writing again. How do you think it SHOULD be? What does THAT mean? Who says what anything SHOULD be like? I’m not fond of the words HAVE TO and SHOULD. They turn me off big time. I’d rather like to say CHOOSE TO or LIKE TO. Life is a choice, not something to be resigned to. I’m not saying you ‘should’ relinquish your responsibilities as they are part of being an adult and not a kid. (That’s why so many grownups have such fondest of fond memories of their childhood, the carefree playing etc etc, the wind in the trees, the muffins made by mum. Whether that’s all realistic is verse number 284.) But for heaven’s sake do something fun or ridiculous at least once a day. You know: shake off the shackles of predictability. Just get jiggy with it. Woohoo! Pass me that trumpet. Thank you kindly.

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