Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fabric & Jewellery Design revamp

Well I have finally finished shushing and updating my (fabric & jewellery) design website Bonvivant. Hurrah! A big thanks to James my webmaster for getting it all to work. The orderform is the last to join the party, will be up soon.
The feedback so far has been wonderful: "bubbly and playful" was one of them, as was "funky" and "cool". I can live with that!
What is probably funny is that most Kiwis have a very hard time pronouncing the name. Ok here goes: bonn-vee-vahn. Wrap your vowels around that. Yes it's French. The meaning of the word Bonvivant is a person who is enjoying living the good life. Sometimes it's also used in a sort of bohemian cheeky kind of way. Again, I can live with that too. Should it have been a Dutch name on account of my genes? Maybe, but DROOG was already taken.... ;)
Anyhoo: thanks for letting me know what you think. The plan is to create an online store within 6 months that accepts paypal so this will be the go in the meantime!
Have a good one, bon chance, bonjour, bon vivant etc.


  1. ...a sense of" a soul that goes a-flying!" ...

    makes me happy!


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