Thursday, August 6, 2009

the sexy Niche

Allure and temptation are one of the ingredients that spice up your life. Or can do at any rate. Today I bring you 2 companies who play into the 'playing'. I'm not talking sqeaky sextoys, but matters concerning interiors.

A company in the US sepcializes in 'shushing' and transforming pads for educated single men. The guys haven't a clue or do not particularly care how their place looks, but generally they DO like company at night... so what to do? How to fix the predicament? Get an interior designer in who specializes in creating sexy bachelor pads... the solution to fizzy and cuddly bliss. Their website reads: "Sexy bachelor pad is a full service design firm, working exclusively with male clientele in the nyc metropolitan area." (Brilliant idea.)

Talking about niches in kinkiness.... Jonathan Adler has been amusing the world with funky interior pieces (as photos above show). I enjoyed his mailing today and also the referring to his other range of vases if one is trying to find something more 'straight up'. Hila.
Have a bit of zest in your life. A bit of kinky goes a long way and you might as well have fun while you're at it.

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