Friday, August 7, 2009

the good work

I have great appreciation for a pasta dish. However, if I end up needing a bib to prevent my tagliatelli drooling all over me I might change my mind... I appreciate being able to eat in a decent fashion, being looked after in cafes or any time someone's happy to see me. That's just nice.

Do we stop and realize what we can be appreciative for on a daily basis? Probably not. We tend to forget as we're in a hurry or we focus on that which doesn't pan out as we anticipated.

Appreciation is an interesting word. It's sounds huffy snooty wooty but means 'liking something and being grateful for it'. It was enjoyable this week to see a lot of different wonderful people and get an idea of what they are working with, thinking of, struggling with or are dreaming about. I like listening to their stories and understanding why they do what they do and what they love doing in general.

People are so diverse and interesting. How come we may set goals and more often then not we find we can't quite reach them? Have trouble realizing our dreams or find when we are doing the work we wanted to do that it may not be what we anticipated? What happens when we had a perfect job only to be forced out of it and now having to adjust to new circumstances? How do we guard our 'me' time? (This is a biggie especialy for women who fret over husband, family, work, juggling it all.) Do we even have me time? Do we worry too much? Do we say 'thank you' enough? Are we considerate or thoughtful? Do we like ourselves? Do we feel valued by others? Are we taken seriously by others? Is it important that we are?

What's most important for each of us to happen in our lives that makes us smile and keeps us going?

I like to know how things are going in the worlds of those I know. If I can help them, with whatever it may be, I will. It comes down, again, to simply do what can be done to help out, improve their situation if that's what they're after, to refer work, or to email them something of use, to make them laugh, cheer them up or remind them about their potential. I don't know about you, but it makes sense to me. I'm not out to help others simply to climb up their brownie points ladder to score points. I do it because for me it's a very natural thing to do. I used to not even think about it, where I do more now (as I have learned not to throw my energy out the window or waste it where it's wanted not.) I don't understand how some people I've encountered in the world of business seem to be strategic fluffers, they seem to treat socializing like it's playing chess. I don't get it and I don't do it. Playing games only means something like getting out the Scrabble in my book.

Appreciation, whether its regarding our work, a person, activity or of our own state of mind is always a good thing. It contributes, shares and builds. It grows, it's positive and I like that. I'm very much a positive builder. I like people, mostly those who are genuine and have a sense of humor.

Right it's friday so I'm wrapping up. Go do some one on one appreciation this weekend and keep up 'the good work'. Thank you for reading -and hopefully enjoying- my humble wee blog.

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