Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Every day we may be running around trying to all on our 'to do list' and by the end we always feel we have forgotten something still. We collapse in a chair, either with wine in hand, watching some funny sitcom or falling asleep.

Tonight though I will be doing something different: I will be trimming Harry's hooves again (pic above). They have grown so quickly that he's been having some troubles. Aside the fact that I know how to trim goat hooves (yes all the things you don't think of when getting on a lifestyle block but eventually get the hang of anyway) it's good to have a 'refreshing course' on it. It's actually not always so simple to clip them right back as the goat may have developed a funny shape hoof over time, so it's better to get the right shape back by continuing to clip them with a few weeks in between the pedicures.

So too after winter I think, looking at my physique and squeezing some extra bits around the middle. I had started running again in the weekend. The next day I was so sore I could hardly walk properly and Nico was making fun of me. Of course our sheepdog Glennie who had accompanied me was fine and keen to go again!

The necessity of maintaining both hooves and my shape made me realize the importance of keeping up with things regularly which is not my strong suit. There for I have been scribbling things on a board in our hallway and in my diary to ensure I keep more consistent tabs on re occurring activities. Because if I don't it creates more hassle and soreness...

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  1. leuk!

    het ritme is op zich al belangrijk!