Friday, May 1, 2009

This n that

I had a topic in my head but realised there's several things floating around I could have a crack at. Thoughts pop up like fizzers. I'm thinking of our 4 day old calf that is still not drinking with mum despite our efforts. We are continuing to give him milk with colostrum morning and night and will attempt this weekend to lock mum in and show this wee fellow what that pink udder thing down there is good for. We wonder if he'll make it but we sure hope so.

One of my dearest friends has send me an email about how she's going at the moment. Dad sent an email that some nutcase drove his car straight into a crowd of people waiting to see the Queen come past in her carriage in Apeldoorn on National Queensday in Holland which is the 30th of April. 5 people died, the driver's in prison. Some of my Dutch family was close by and had to see the whole drama unfold. So I'm thinking of my 2 nieces as it must have been scary for them. My thoughts are with all the lovely people who were looking forward to a fun family outing, seeing the Royal family outside of their palace (the same one I visited last November) and instead went through something else entirely. It's such a shame that these extremy things happen. Just one person literally not being in their right mind.

I went to a fundraiser in the form of a Quiz night last night that was great fun and had tons of laughs. I stayed with friends which was really lovely. The butcher had phoned Nico in the evening to say he couldn't do the homekill this weekend but would do the next. I'm thinking of trying to phone the transport company again that will pick up the two highland heifers we have going to Central next week, which means we have to get them to the neighbours place before hand as he's got proper yards. Nico and I agreed we would get pizza tonight.

You know, that sort of thing. The cold has hit so the heater is back on and the front door closed even though it's sunny. I've met some really nice people today and it's just been great. It's just funny what can occupy us when we 'doodle' in our mind. Right now I'm thinking of making a milo to warm up. You have a great weekend and oh yes! I was going to write a blog on having a chair fettish. For some reason I have crushes on chairs (so to speak.) So that will be next week to look forward to...

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