Thursday, February 19, 2009

How the moment takes me: writing

Several people have asked me lately: how do you write your blogs and WHEN? Well I tend to write most of it before work (early birds catch the worms) or when ever I get the chance, say late afternoon. The last few weeks I haven't written that much as work's been busy. I usually select one of my earlier inspirations out of my word document when I come into work every day and pop them in the blog. Find a cool picture and voila! It's that simple.

I can write hours on end if I have the vibes. (This is in the weekends) It’s funny and scary. I just type what comes into my head. Just like that. Then I read it again and go; gee whiz that’s quite clever. Who wrote that? It wasn’t me I just typed it you know… or was it? Basically I found it doesn't matter as the topic of what I write about is more important then who wrote it. Sometimes I have finished a piece and go: wow that's cool. Did I type that? I can laugh about it. I write for the sake of writing, not because I want to achieve something. That makes it better I think.

I don’t often have to re edit myself. I pre edit while things come into my blond macaroni whizzing ammunition of a contemplating blob of a brain. Gorgeous stuff sometimes.
Also: headings. Hilarious. All sorts pop up like hotwired muffins. Exploding popsicles. Burping Yodas. You get the idea.

What do you think of:
Push biking intercourse
Blotty friend
Poetic mongrels
Bird paint
Squashed sky

Nope, I have NO idea where that came from. I told you I write as I go.
Still, you have to admit, it’s funny. Oh come on. Just a little bit!

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  1. Yoda used to say: may the Force be with you !
    when you're in the flow, just row..... ;-)