Friday, February 13, 2009


Come on confess, you thought I was going to write about sex right? Life is not all sex and roses but there is such a thing as dripping passion.

Why do we work? To make money for starters but if you’re clever enough, you figure out that money doesn’t make the world go round, love and passion do. Truly, really, feverishly, stupendously.
I have a great passion for what I do. Trust me I wouldn’t be doing it otherwise. If I don’t feel excitement or inspiration I get restless jangly feet and I’m off. Passion fires us up. It ignites and is Life. I love it. Sometimes we do confuse the work passion with the person passion. It happens to the best of us. That is however, another story.
My passion is to create and to do this in a team environment. Even though our clients depend on us to provide the pearls of wisdom and color, I still view the interior design as collaboration, a joining of forces, a mutual creation. It’s about the clients’ atmosphere, their personal story, their views.

What IS good interior design anyway? For me it’s about translating that which a client wants to see and create that loving house around them bringing out the best it can be. It’s writing down the untold story, capturing the family spirit and surrounding them with familiar and articulate pieces that comfort and give light to their life. A house should foremost not be a castle, but a home.

We use shapes, color, light and texture to create the best suited environment. We extrapolate, interview, work like mad and then get all excited when thoughts, ideas and decisions are brought into existence. I see interior design as an art form. It’s painting 3d using shapes, form, color and texture. You start with the canvas and fill in the story as it further unfolds. The results are satisfying and still surprising. Never think of interior design when it looks like a show home. That’s downright scary.

Many clients say that we do not just do a great job; we exceed an expectation which is the best testimonial. We seem to have great taste and that reflects on our clients. Thanks goodness we have a sense of humor too, whoooeeeeeee. (Ok that’s enough.)

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  1. passie, een vlam van de ziel,
    geeft licht en focus, warmt,voedt, kortom,
    is liefde voor al wat is.... net als Amelie:
    leeeeeee-ven dus !

    kees waaier