Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keep on dreaming?

I was told when I was a kid to ‘consider my future’. I had to be sensible and plan ahead. Uhuh. Now look what became off me! Much good that running off with life and doing something so silly as moving to the other side of the world has done for us! Living down under based on a feeling. Pah! What sort of career move is that?

We didn’t move to New Zealand to be sensible. We didn’t move here because we had a neatly outlaid plan. We certainly did not move to ‘up our careers’ but it has done nothing but improve them. We did not move here because of family even though we do enjoy seeing them when we do. We did not move here to escape our lives in the Netherlands or because we had little money.

What I like about us having moved overseas is that even when the sense of adventure has worn off a bit, as work is pretty much the same everywhere, the sense of belonging doesn’t. The further you move away from that which you know, the more you get to know yourself. Most of us look outside ourselves to fill up gaps and fears. If your desire is to simply be, grow and experience, it’s brilliant. I can recommend it. Be warned; it’s not the easy route. You’ll encounter that which you don’t expect, dramas will unfold where you don’t see them but all in all: life improves enormously when you emigrate.

When someone tells you to be sensible and choose a domestic predictable existence: just run for the hills. Literally! Then sit down and enjoy a picnic watch the view and enjoy the company of those that are happy to share the experience with you.

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