Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trust and respect

What does trust mean? How can you measure someone’s honesty? How do you prove your own?
Bottom line: trust and reliability depend on the following factors:

a) Showcasing by actions
b) Genuine body language
c) Tone of voice
d) Showing respect
e) Vibes

Actually the vibes you emit will give you away any day of the week.
There is no quick cure for the wounded trust. The only thing you can do is reflect and behave accordingly to your new set out intentions.

I am in a situation now where I have to rectify my behavior. Why? I have been caught up in my own life and simply had too much to think about and juggle. Not being the best planner in the world is a bugger but still I make the best of it. My husband has been therefore at the losing side. I don’t want him to be affected by my irregular antics so will have to shape up my planning. This way he will see that I do mean what I say and that he is still fortunate to have married me (hopefully).

Babe I’m sorry. I mucked up, it wasn’t nice of me. I love you.

(When in doubt what to do: admit you’ve been a doodly twit -which is true- and hope for forgiveness.)

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