Monday, February 9, 2009


I’ve found a book again that I bought years ago which is about writing. I was reading some passages in it and was pleasantly surprised when the author Julia Cameron said that she literally writes down what pops up in her head. I can relate to that.

It can be really amazing what comes out of these blogging sessions. I can get quite intrigued myself. Because I don’t always know where these words come from, they just appear and I happily follow them. What does that make me? A writer of dotter downer? Maybe it doesn’t matter. The story is more important than the storyteller…

So what do you read (besides this funny blog)? Have you ever read Enders Game? Impressive narrative. Still an all time favorite in my family. We all have the entire series. Great book for the highly intelligent. Great for 8+ kids too.'s_Game_series
Neal Walsch did a brilliant job of writing down what God told him. Aside the fact whether you believe in God or not, the dialogue was superb and the topics interesting. Food for thought and Neil sold millions of books so it must of hit a nerve globally. I enjoyed it and read all 3 years ago.

I surprised to read a book by Gordon Ramsay … as I honestly didn’t take to the guy before. A mate of mine suggested I should read a book of his and I decided it would be a good idea to make up my own mind. I have to be honest: I was impressed. The guy obviously worked hard and it was interesting to hear about how his father in law is intertwined with the whole operation and how he grew his business.

Of course movies are stories told ‘in motion’. My favorite is Amelie Poulin, it’s absolutely exquisite. The beauty of it is in the imagery and in that what’s not being verbalized.

So what keeps you from doing what pleases you and letting others know? Is it setting up a veggie garden? It may be writing as well or singing. Do what inspires you and share it if you can. Start a modern gothic petanque club or a leather knitting society. Expand beyond that which takes your fancy. Grow your ambition and ‘spread the word’.

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  1. I love this words: there are a song of words to enjoy life !

    kees waaier