Friday, February 20, 2009


A girlfriend of mine has the tendency to point out when I gain a kilo or lose some. She does not intend for this to be mean but just states a fact. I do not keep tabs myself as I don’t have a scale at home, but I can tell when jeans are wearing well or worse. The literal bottom line (and I have a very nice one I’m often told) is that I have to be happy with my state of physique. When you care about how you feel and how many blobby bits you carry with you then your own view of your body is the only thing that matters. I’ve noticed that other people’s comments reflect on how they perceive their own body image, not necessarily my own.

I feel less fit with too many additional bits. I do like a bit of scrumptious flesh on me. It makes me feel healthy and “me”. I’m a woman, I’ve got ‘roundings’ and I’m not Twiggy. Fortunately mum and dad have done well in the genes department so I’m naturally lucky with my shape I guess.

So what we are talking about here is the:
Acceptance of the state of flesh
The following of your own cookbook
That exercising is good for the body but also for the brain.

Funny enough the self image lies in the brain not so much in the body. It’s how we VIEW ourselves and how we feel inside our skin that shapes our opinion. It’s as important to take care of the inside as well as the outside. At the moment my outside is looking quite stunning. My inside is a bit foggy but it’s starting to clear up again. Being too busy clogs the brain with twitter twatter. Yip they’re right, time for meditation again! More about the art of a ”tete-a-toi” another time.

The most important thing about self image for me is self acceptance. Rejoice in being you and everything falls into place. Wonderful stuff. Simple but apt and feel the change. (That and get all happy training for a triathlon, like me.)

I would also suggest for everyone to start a Whitebook. This is especially important for ladies. Write everyday what you have achieved and what went well. We tend to focus on what we haven’t done or haven’t achieved yet opposed to praising the skies about the pile of things we have done this week! I have the tendency to flog myself inside if I haven't done all I had to do. A Whitebook puts things in perspective which is healthy. And yeah! it’s Friday......


  1. That looks like a Llew Summers sculpture.. Goes well with the post.