Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pressing the buttons

I just saw a girl walk past with a mobile attached to her ear. There are many around. It’s beyond a trend now. I even saw a young one with a Blackberry in the hotel elevator in San Francisco. Why this girl would need a snazzy piece of IT attached to her was beyond me as she obviously wasn’t in business. She was talking loudly into it (is there another way?) and was totally oblivious to her surroundings.

I get the feeling many people find it easier to communicate to other people through the phone instead of looking them in the face and talking to them. I have noticed that many-many-many of us carry these hot batteries around and look after it better than we do our pets. It’s almost like carrying a holy grail. It’s like showing off cars. Mine has! Etc.

A lifeline to communication they say. Is it? I enjoy nothing better than my mobile giving a last squirt of life and then dying off on me in the weekend as there’s no reception on our farm (well not with Vodafone). What a shame… ! Not. Nice and quiet! Yessirree. Love it. Me Time at last.
My husband gets quite upset if I don’t answer my mobile when he needs me. He says why do you have one if you don’t use it? He likes to be able to rely on me and that I understand. The truth is I leave my mobile in my handbag and when I am with clients I leave it there forgetting about it. Oh did you phone? Sorry! Uhm yeah, handbag, etc etc. My point is that the people who I’m with at the time are my priority. If I do hear it I get it and someone gets lucky. (Good on them, enjoy it while you can.)

I prefer communicating with others in person opposed to phoning although it has its benefits when ones parents live on the other side of the world, as mine do. Still, a lot is left out in the communication when you cannot see someone’s face. Is it just me or are old fashioned ‘how do you do’ and seeing others for coffees a better way for catching up then quick calls or emails?

And here I was thinking I’m a modern woman of the world. Another illusion bites the dust. I think I can live with it though. Quite happily.

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