Thursday, February 12, 2009

Manifesting dreams

Many people I talk to are figuring out how to realize your dream? Have you read the Secret?

Regardless of what you think of it, I find I have been applying the principles of the secret without realizing it for at least a decade. I started to become aware of this when I kept visualizing things with intention and it happened. This is how Nico and I found our house in Holland and also how we found our house in New Zealand. Desire what you want to happen but also KNOW it will come to you as it’s already there, you just need to find it. This is not idle hope but it needs to be something you need to know as a fact. It’s all about knowing with certainty that your dream is manifesting by using strong intent.

For me, the ingredients for realizing your dreams are:
  • Know what you want

  • Picture it clearly in your head (see the house, job, place, situation)

  • Think about the Timeframe you want something realized

  • Feel strong intent using your emotion

  • Know for a fact you will realize this desire

  • Work hard and do everything you can to reach your goal (this is re-enforcing your goal through actions)

  • Dedication and perseverance (stick with it)

  • Believe you will get there. Always. (Don’t give up)

I was thinking the other day that I would really like to do larger interior design jobs and also commercial. I even thought how many I’d like to do and how much revenue I’d like my boss to make per month. (When I get really cracking I will kindly suggest a commission.)
A lady walked in a week ago saying they would like me to sort out their carpet and drapery for them. Two days ago a lady came in who's just build a house and is starting to look for furnishings. Today I'm going to measure drapes for a golfclub that is also thinking about doing developments.

I also send out a few other emails/intents to realize my goal of being extremely busy this year with interior design work. By putting my intentions out there I send out energy to say I’m here to find more challenging work, thank you for sending it my way, I’m good, I know I can really make a difference for people in their homes. They’ll be thrilled they got us on board.

My point is you cannot realize a goal unless you WANT it and KNOW you are able to get it. Hoping won’t cut it. You have to believe this in the core of your being that you are worthy of your cause and that it can be realized. There’s no room for doubt. If you doubt yourself then your vision will take a lot longer to manifest itself.

This system works; it has done wonders for me. Feel free to give it a go yourself.
(But as Yoda said: “try not, do, or do not.” He was bang on that little green man.)

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