Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Pondering Wonderings

Yes I’m a confessed ponderer. It can drive my husband nuts. He doesn’t always follow what I’m articulating. This is not a new thing as many people seem to get halted in their tracks trying to figure out what the blazes I’m on about. This I have accepted as a fact of life. I am more patient with my clients; as after all, it would be prudent for them to understand me and vice versa. How could I make a living otherwise? So does this mean I’m either intelligent, thinking faster than the average person, or I’m I just plain nutty? You be the judge.

I’ve been known to make up words. You will find them quite often amidst the wordy spread on this blog. You better get used to it or go back to reading a newspaper; magazine or whatever takes your fancy. It’s ‘Mirjam’ lingo yes sirree.

The pondering wonderings habit runs in the family. All of us, included my dear husband, are used to my father’s incredibly fast change of tack mid story. We can follow his jumps, bounds and leaps as years of training do that to a person. Possibly I’ve been infected with the genetic zig zag technique. If a stranger visits the household or a business relation we end up translating dad’s enthusiastic tales.

Bottom line: I am used to thinking fast and outside the square. I’m not one for the usual route as detours can make life interesting or fieldtrips makes a mundane day change into a glorious one. The Pondering Wonderings continue. Watch the space... at least you’re pre warned.

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  1. a fascinating zig-zag-spronkian jumpsuit
    still suits me....