Friday, May 22, 2009

calf update

Today is calf posting time. I know, it's been a lot of the Farm News Gazette lately but that is what has occupied us quite a bit. As you can see our Zodiac has been living in the kitchen with us and now he's out with the goats and the kune kune pig and loving it. The wee fuzz man and fullblood highlander is nearly 4 weeks old and has had a growth spurt. Now he's interested to eat hay with the goats, munch grass and guzzle water and is onto the calf grains as well. We're proud he's done so well as it was touch and go for a while with his mum not able to feed him herself. He's a quiet character and cute as a button.
We're looking at another 4 weeks of bottle feeding and we have developed a routine so it's all doable, even if we have to leave the house at 7 am. His mum Elsie will be pleased she'll have him back in a month. Kuddles our other calf is with his mum Kate, auntie Elsie and dad Carlin and despite the sleet, hail and snow he's warm en dashing about the paddock.
We are looking forward to a weekend with hopefully some sun between the rainstorms to look after these animals. It's a good thing highland cattle have a thick coat of fur that keeps them warm. Glenn the sheepdog has been settled on a layer of hay in his pen (which is his winter duvet) and everyone else curls up in the stuff as well. We'll stick to the real duvet thing as the hay's been making me sneeze enormously...

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