Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plastic fantastic

Yes I have one credit card; it’s the one where you are only allowed to take off what you had put on it in the first place. Is very good for me as it immediately ensures I’m always in the positive. You know me, I prefer to stay in the positive, and better yet I’m open to be indulged in flowing Exuberance financially speaking. Meaning: I’m happy to make loads of money so I can have fun with it and share it around. I’m still keen to secure that wondrous pool sitting lazily on the lawn. As yet it’s not on the priority list; we’re talking tractors and utes at the moment. Indeed, not very womanly topics, but necessary for a lifestyle block all the same. Of course a pool is not essential for a farm but it’s enjoyable.

Because that’s the only thing money is good for: to acquire some goodies if needs be and to cover the essential factors in life primarily: shelter, food, sleep. I like the Star trek philosophy better: cancel the money system and let people do their thing voluntarily. As our species has not yet progressed to this stage I’m happy to settle for plastic fantastic and a steady stream of income until it does. We live to hope.

Lately Nico and I have had quite a bunch of additional payments which mucked up our normal system. As you know we had the home kill last week, and I paid for 3 portraits done by Sean Waller the week before that ( I said to Nico well that’s rationing the groceries this week babe so no cookies for a few days until I can raid the supermarket again. Crippling I tell you, no chocolate bikkies and my period is due. Lousy timing. However: we are fortunate to be in a position where double income and no kids means we can still do quite a bit of stuff and sleep well at night. (At the moment we do with the woodburner still going and two blankets on top of the duvet.)

I had to learn long ago that I can’t just spend my hard earned dollars just because I have seen something I really want. You know what works well: leave it for a week and see if you still desire it, with big things, leave it for 3 months and see if you still need it. I find at my work if I still like a furniture piece or accessory after many months it’s a winner. More often than not you get over stuff and that’s one of the best ways to ensure your treasured cents have not gone galloping out the door. My dear husband says: you can only spend it once! This is so Dutch it makes me laugh but he’s quite right in his viewpoint that no, it’s sensible not to flash it around just because you can. It’s such a bugger to regret it later.

Whatever you do: don’t buy on credit! I never have done so in my life and I don’t intend to start now. If you don’t have it, don’t get it. It's that simple. Oh and if you need a credit card, get one of those positive things, so your world doesn’t turn negative. Mucho clever you know and no harm done. Well, you might have to wait for a while if you run out of your postive balance but heck you can be strong and patient right! (Man I can do with some TimTams right now… craaaaavings. Oh well. I’ll just have to suck it up.)

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