Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lifeproofing by setting goals

What the heck is that, being 'life proof'? Well I'm sure all us have thought that: how can we cope, how do we know things, how can we proof the future? Do we know what we want? Unless you are able to see into the future, most of us have to decide we want clarity and stand for what life we like to create. Owe up to it and stop hiding behind excuses. Shape it activily and let go of old stuff.

Times are interesting. Things happen that were not quite anticipated and other things were and roll by the wayside. Quite funny really. One thing is for sure: nothing is. The new certainty is change and we do best to embrace it as there's more and more of it to come and it will come at faster paces. I'm working on going with the flow as when times change at an increasing rate the information and movements will go too fast for us to absorb. Hence my preference for Zenning at the farm. I currently focus on 3 things: home (farm), work and my own design work. I've decided to drop other activities that no longer positivily add to the experience.

I booked my ticket today to go to Auckland to visit the DesignEx fair held the end of June. It will be so exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing my friend Beverley up there and see if she's keen to join me for a day of interior faring. I'm also greatly looking forward to meeting Lynne, the marketing director of the fabric company I did designs for. They will have it up on their stand and I've been told it will be advertised in all the magazines as well which was extremely humbling. OMG stuff. Nico will hold the fort at home which is very kind of him. He's been more then great, my husband. I love him to bits.

Yesterday I rung the vet. Turns out that our dear highland calf Zodiac (nickname Wobbles) will have to be seperated from mum and bottlefed for the next 6.5 weeks, twice a day. Zodi will go in the same paddock as the goats and the kune kune pig this weekend and I think it will be quite hilarious. We feel sorry for mum Elsie but as the calf is not feeding with her -and trust me we tried!- then this is our last resort. It will make feeding easier for us as now we have to seperate them first before we can feed. Being poked by 2 hornes by a protective highland cow is not our idea of a good massage. We are very happy that Zodi is so lively and doing so well living only on our milk replacer. And yes, he's cuter then cute, as all calfs are like wee teddybears (picture Rainy Day last year). Cuddle therapy we call it.
So aside from the swings of life, I am trying to set clearer goals. This is challenging at times. One of my next projects will be keeping financial books better and to abide by Steve Pavlina's idea:
"H.L. Hunt, a man who rose from a bankrupt cotton farmer in the 1930s to a multi-billionaire when he died in 1974, was once asked during a TV interview what advice he could give to others who wanted to be financially successful. He said only two things are required. First, you must decide exactly what it is you want to accomplish. Most people never do that in their entire lives. And secondly, you must determine what price you'll have to pay to get it, and then resolve to pay that price. "
The point is that with goals, you have to be specific, use a timetable and mean business. It requires vision, determination and self discipline to keep the pace up.
"Clear goals allow you to achieve the first half of H.L. Hunt's success formula. By deciding exactly what you want to accomplish, committing it to writing, and reviewing it on a daily basis, you bring your goals into reality with the power of your focus"
Well let's keep on humming I say.

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  1. hy dear,
    keep on humming ....I like that....and have kept on regularly myself....
    in my words: keep on tagged into the energyfield around.Feed`it with purpose and a clear eye...
    you are the target and the target is you...
    YES! Rupert Sheldrake might smile...
    your Kees