Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tomorrow! Tomorrow? Today ace

Ok, it was one of those days. You drag yourself through the day hoping for it to turn round. Doesn’t. Better yet it is to go to bed and ponder no more. There’s always too much thinking going on. Just cross that one and leave it alone.

Next day: hurrah the sun comes out. Beauty. (We have got snow today but I did see sun shining on the way in to work so one brownie point for me.) We hop out of bed, get into action, have the sunny smile on our face and all that. What shall we do?

Sunnyness creates anticipation which then turns into action. Passiveness has rarely created exuberance, with the exception of monks in prayer possibly. God knows what goes on in their minds. Action gives us focus, drive and motion. The wheel turns and off we go.

Someone said to me, wouldn’t it be better if we enjoyed the journey as much as the outcome? Most of us are focused on the results as that is the ‘goal’ we strive towards. I think that’s true. I can be like that, hurry-hurry-flurry and splutters and sighs when I’m exhausted from running around like an idiot. I guess that's why I've got bouncy curls, I need the flexibility. It can be prudent to sit up and think hang on: why are we doing this again? Then we look at the diary and go o.k. make choices and get on with it. Works quite well. Prioritizing and all that jazz. Lately saying no works very well for me, you know being candid to the point of embarrassment. I try to do it nicely and I say it gives huge relief to speak one's mind or say no. I'm going to make a habit of it.

Creating a belief board
Steve Pavlina has recently blogged about belief boards (vision/dream boards) which I thought appropriate to share here, considering we are on the topic of goals and the sunnyness that is us:

"When you set a new goal, an important step on the road to achieving that goal is to gain the belief that you will get there. If you don’t believe you’ll succeed, then some parts of you will resist your goal, and your progress will be frustratingly slow.
In order to believe you’ll succeed, you must believe your goal is possible for you, and you must also believe that you’re actually going to reach your destination. If you don’t believe your goal is possible for you, you’ll block yourself. If you believe it’s possible but you don’t believe you’ll realistically get there, you’ll block yourself."

In short: you can be on the way of sabotaging your fabulous self and not even know it! Drama's enfold, acceleration drivels down to a plod and before you know it you're in bed exhausted and waiting for WINZ to pay you. Well, no, that's never hoing to happen is it, because you will have your belief board! Thing is we people can be stubborn, here in Kiwiland they always say 'ah she'll be alright' but truth is, without effort and conviction it'll dwindle to nada baby. Mais oui.

So it's bootie time once again, up you get!

Creating a belief board
" Get a cork board on the wall and put several pages on it. Each page contains a single belief that you’re working to install. Some of those beliefs are based on specific goals or habits, while others read like general positive affirmations.
For example, the first item on my belief board says, “I am extremely productive.” That’s not a clear and specific goal per se, but it is a positive belief to install.

"Is it effective? For me the answer is yes, most definitely.
You are capable of taking action based on your own conscious decisions. For example, you can decide how you’ll spend your evening and then follow your plan. But interestingly enough, most, if not all, of the ideas that float through your mind actually arise from your subconscious. And those ideas will be filtered through your subconscious beliefs. If you have a lot of self-limiting filters there, you won’t even be able to form and hold onto certain thoughts in your conscious mind that would otherwise empower you. You won’t be able to seriously set certain types of goals because your subconscious will simply block all the thoughts that would enable you to accomplish them. And if your thoughts are being blocked, then so are your actions and your results."

I will be honest: my belief board is still in progress, meaning I wonder where to stick it at work so I continue to see it. Ah found it! Well that'll be fun and up there in no time. I will add the cheque I'm printing from the secret website as well, so it's all in unison. Friends of mine have their dream board up in their lounge. It contains all the aspects they are aspiring towards and visually remembers them what they are in the process of achieving. I think it's a great idea, as is the belief board. The belief board I reckon is more detailed and in the now so I'm running with that one.

Oh, and you can only win lotto if you actually buy a ticket. Makes sense, no? Beh oui.

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  1. hey kiwi-girl, I like this one:

    " ignore bootie time, and you'll dwindle to

    nada baby....beh oui ! "

    I did by a ticket.... Oh dear, I kept it somewhere... taped on the wall ? no...

    its on the dream-billboard...hihi