Monday, May 25, 2009

Designex Trade show Auckland June 2009

My fabric baby has been born: 'Cows and Couches' by Hemptech has been printed in 3 colour ways...

Designex 2009 in Auckland. You might think heck another tradeshow. For me, it's the launching of my fabric design career, a chance again to catch up with my friend Beverley, and to scout around for avenues for my woman accesories as an add on bonus. Above picture's design will be plastered over the Hemptech stand for all to see. Of course I'm proud of that. Really because I'm still amazed it all actually happened. It's the greatest fun and Lynne and Colin have been so lovely and supportive. I am flying up to check the fair out for myself. As you know there's always tons to see and you need coffee breakes in between even though there's not really time for it. It's been ages since I have been to a big trade show and this will be excellent!

As I have told you I'm also keen to get into the woman accesories and otherwise designery niche market. I have designed a few by now and am waiting to receive my first batch of my design attempts. Nailbiting stuff! Ah back to the glory days of nerve wracking anticipation.... Anyhoo: the aim is to have fun with design and to share this with others. Once I have received my first results and done some photo shoots etc I will share that with you too. For now I'm bouncy balling about the Cows and Couches with likely more designs to follow. Woohoo! Marvellous. (Ok I better have a coffee now before I will prematurely collapse in exitement.)


  1. a miracle !

    and so well deserved !


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