Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our wicked ways

People are beautiful and hilarious. We are full of scandals and stories, whimsical activities and dreams. The more different the more interesting. Still, we have to make some sense of the world in the world. Most of us try to. Maybe the less we try the more it will come to us?

How do we learn most? By doing stupid things of course! When did you ever discover profoundness by something that was easy or gentle? I know it can be done, and I think the mystic forces support us in learning in a more gently manner, however I think I passed the exit and am still on that highway of life making some mistakes along the way. They shape my future. If I can look at it that way then the ‘o God no moments’ do no longer seem bad but very helpful. I feel no embarrassment but joy in achieving these insights. How lovely!

By no means would I urge you to deliberately do something off the wall. That would be stupid and unfortunate. (Well unless you need it I suppose.) Maybe we do not intend to be foolish but it helps to do so from time to time. I have to say I've been quite sensible lately though. I know! Life's been good to me. Still: perfection is very dull. Have you noticed?

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