Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the chair fettish

People are funny. I have my moments too. As promised I hereby disclose the fact I love chairs more then shoes. As I am in fact a woman and have about 20 odd pairs of shoes, this could be interesting. To date I have not got a designer chair in the house, but I do have 2 beautiful handmade waterhyacinth chairs, given to me by my previous employer in Auckland. Nico has moved these in the bedroom recently and we ditched a few nondescript 2nd hand ones. You know, the famous 'getting by ones'?

The chair fettish is one that has stayed with me for a few years now. Last year there was a discussion where my husband aka the pookems (after Calvin and Hobbes snookely pookems) had expressed his interest in securing a recliner. Horror! Never I said. Nicely. You're welcome to a chair, all fine, slippers inlcuded, but not! repeat, not! a lazyboy type recliner if my life depended on it (Rule number 1, try to stay clear from lazy boy recliners (with all due respect)). If you have to ask why then unfo you didn't get the point. The pookems expressed some surprise at my opinion, raised his eyebrows and said well then, what do you suggest?

2 options really: the T21 "James Bond" chair from Tessa (below, which yes you can get through the place I work) and comes with an optional footstool or the famous Eames lounge chair (above with cat). The latter we are exploring. I haven't found a chair I liked better yet. Turns out Nico is too tall for the T21 with his 6 foot something which makes the headrest sit too low for him, therefor we have to look at other options.

Now getting back to the fettish. What makes a chair alluring, interesting, oozing wickendness and seduction? No idea, but it grabs hold, like a blanket of flu in winter or an overexcited teen on a icing rink. (Depends whether it sneaks up on you or pounces like a tiger.) It speaks, it talks, it whispers, it makes you feel excited. Basically it's like chocolate, but then the kind you can actually plant your tush on. You get the picture. It's cozy, softening and enfolds you. A good chair is like a good friend: it supports you and has only the best intentions at heart. It sticks around and is honest. Rule number 2: never buy a product you don't trust.

This dining chair (above) is called the Tango. It's expensive but the best dining chair I ever sat in. It's incredibly comfortable, it beautifully moulds around your back and it's suitable for outside as well.
(Yes you can get it through my work and it comes in black also.) Ofcourse I try and indulge my fettish chair thing at work as at home it's a work in progress. This is fine. In my mind i have gone over many chair designs I would like for this or that room.
Why bother with chairs? Well why not bother? It's your spine, your health, your happiness, your relaxation. Chairs give comfort, they support and they offer rest. For the wicked.

Rule number 3: don't deny yourself rest or quality. It's fine to settle for something less as a temporary measure. Then when you are ready, get the oozing wonderfulness you desire. It's worth it.

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