Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer in wintertime

Every morning I see a whitish world, crisp air hanging and every being seems to be reverted into stillness. In the evenings it's hot chocolate, woollen socks and early nights by the fire. Winter certainly has its moments. I'm also looking forward to seeing us move into Summer again, big blue skies, sun and luscious wavy green grass displaying snoring animals and yellow flowers. Birdsong is filling the air. Clear singing by the fantail, the tui birds and the bellbirds. Time to bring the bbq out again and lounge on the deck wearing sunblock, a hat and sunnies.... ah the memories....
So to sustain us in colder times read this.


Waves of laughter
Ice creams and music
salty water
Jandals and lycra
Walks and
Dog and frisbee
Sunburns and sandcastles

1 comment:

  1. wow ! the longing...
    (germans say:)
    Wo Du nicht bist, da ist das Gluek...
    (happiness always found in places, where you are not....;-))

    nevertheless: enjoy each and every moment !

    cool! love, Kees