Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The art of Words

My mother writes professional poetry ( She’s been doing this for years and has published her own books, about 8 by now. She has spread her wings and is travelling nationally to read from her work and she holds annual poetry meetings where members camp out, swap stories, build friendships and have a lot of fun. Inspiration and igniting people’s minds is what she gets a real kick out of.

What’s between the words can be truly inspiring. She has passed on her wordy genes to me and I am very grateful. Both my parents are talented and I think it’s fabulous when people go after what they believe in and explore the boundaries of their being. Mum is bringing out a new poetry book next month that contains work of 25 poetry writers from Belgium and The Netherlands. Go mum! Humble me did the graphic design for the cover and I suggested the title as well which she has taken to heart; the Nature of the Beast (the theme being animals). Yes, there’s a lot to be said for words…

I like supporting others in their endeavors. I do not believe in competition but joining forces. I believe in sharing and bringing out hidden talents in others. Seeing something or someone grow is a fabulous sight. Do not give up on your dreams or ideas. Move boldly forward. If you don’t, who else will? We all have to start somewhere. Do your bit, sing your song, do your dance.

“They say the writing is on the wall
But I am reading between the lines.”

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