Friday, January 30, 2009


You surely have come across people that inspire you the minute they have finished one sentence. They are onto something, about something and know something. Mostly about a topic that interests me. Then again I don’t think about opera singing or nuclear weapons every day but some people have brought up these subjects. What I genuinely like about interesting people is that they tend to be intelligent and also easy to get on with, bless them. Before you know it you’re talking away and half an hour has disappeared faster than the sun blazing in the Dunedin sky.

I like to think I can inspire others but truth be told, I have no idea. I think I need to work on my humor. I have been toooo serious for my own good last year. Seriousness can become like a low lying disease. If you’re not on top of it, it can get the better of you. I know, scary realization indeed. Aaah. Medic!

Right, getting back to Those Fascinating Ones. When does someone qualify to be ‘Interesting’?

When they vary from the Norm a.k.a being original (some people would call them ‘mad’)
They have something to say that actually makes sense (the famous ‘aha’ moments)
They’re not ego maniacs (come across those; make a run for it)
They have a sense of humor. (You smile a lot when being around them)
They’re charismatic (they inspire and lift your spirits)
See what I mean?

Have a sense of humor or you’re as good as dead. Literally, figuratively. The attraction to life is to not to take it too seriously or to think too much about it. Dream sometimes but always aspire setting realistic goals. Listen to the TFO’s who can teach you more then you know.

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  1. Nice one. You got yourself quite the interesting Blog.. Keep it up..