Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not done things

You know, there are subjects one doesn’t write about. You know which ones they are. Sometimes these subjects come into my head as they are after all, a fact of life. Life is in motion, a developing road of being. A state of revolving stories that washes up again and again on the great sandy beach of Human Experience. Anyway…

A while ago I came to a realization. That happens to me from time to time. This had to do with a man friend of mine. Turned out I’m not sure he still is one. This had made me sad as I like him very much. He’s funny, he’s smart and he’s easy to get on with. Things can get complicated between sexes. Do we really want those clear boundaries? It can be safe to have them, and it also can be so boring to have them. I haven’t decided which I prefer, probably the latter but a girl does have to be sensible nowadays. I know, I know, don’t start. Been there done that.

I have found with men that yes one can be friends, as they are really good ones, but if they’re attracted to you, or you to them, things can go pear shape very quickly. It’s such a pain in the bottom. No wonder a lot of women prefer gay friends because then you know where you are at. No dilemmas and great time hanging out in the pub discussing the wandering males, having something bubbly (mine are usually 1 or 2 bourbons or white wines) and kicking up a storm assessing the Appealing State of the Bottoms and what not. Anyway, those giggly days are over for me. I currently do not have a gay guy friend and I do not drink gin and tonics. Sigh. (I always liked to discuss the situ of rear ends though, compelling topic, and yes before you ask I actually did have a gay friend in artschool who I discussed behinds and other philosophical things with when we were having coffees.)

Men are great to talk to. They are to the point, they have usually a clear way of thinking and things do not get frilly. They’re usually not easily offended either. Wonderful stuff. I like men, they’re great human beings. (Give them a cuddle right now!)

So what to do when you stuff up with them? Like I said, I have done that with one. I did regret this for a while after the fact but then got over it. Now I feel like we are strangers passing at the train station. It’s just life I guess and it’s a bit of a shame. But there’s no point wallowing. So I move on.

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